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Reservations, Changes, Ticketing & Refunds
Tickets to travel around the islands of Cabo Verde can be purchased from CV Fast Ferry in a variety of ways:
First and foremost, from the comfort of your home or office at our online reservations portal:

or from,

Cabo Verde Fast Ferry reservations/ticketing agencies in Santiago, Fogo, and Brava as listed below.

Tel: 238.261.7552
Monday - Friday: 8H00 - 6H00
Saturday: 10H30 - 14H30
Sunday: CLOSED

Ticket Sale Hours: Port of Praia
Tel: 238.263.1128
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday: 9H00-11H00/ 12H00-17H00
Tuesday, Thursday: 9H00-12H30
Friday: 9H00-11H00/ 12H00-18H00
Sunday: CLOSED

Ticket Sale Hours: Port of Brava
Tel: 238.285.2859
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday: 6H00-9H00/ 19H00-22H00
Tuesday, Thursday: 6H30-11H30/ 18H00-22H00
Friday: 6H00-9H00/ 19H00-23H00
Sunday: CLOSED

Ticket Sale Hours: Port of Fogo
Tel: 238.281.2210
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday: 7H00-11H00/ 17H00-21H00
Tuesday, Thursday: 7H00-11H00/ 18H00-21H00
Friday: 7H00-11H00/ 19H00-22H00
Sunday: CLOSED

You can also call our main line for phone reservations at +238-261-7552.

Tickets are payable in cash, debit card, credit card or certified check if purchased at CVFF agencies or Sales Kiosks or by major credit cards only if purchased online or by telephone.

A Ticket entitles a Customer to a confirmed space on the Voyage described at the time of purchase. Tickets are non-refundable if a Customer cancels less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Tickets that are cancelled by a Customer at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure time will be entitled to a refund using the same form of payment as the original purchase, less a cancellation fee.