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2009 marked a historic point for the BVC. Various Public Subscription Offers (OPS) were successfully made and currently another Bond offer is being launched. The total amount of these offers round off to 6.041.415.000,00 (six billion, forty-one million, four hundred and fifteen thousand escudos).

In accordance with Article 28 of the Securities Code –Law nº52/V/98 of May, 11, the Cape Verde Stock Exchange made public the following operations in the primary and secondary markets during 2009:

1. IFH (Real estate Land and Housing) Bonds OPS –The demand, 669.047.000,00 (six hundred and sixty nine million, and forty-seven thousand escudos), was higher than the available offer of 420.000.000,00 (four hundred and twenty million escudos).

2. SOGEI (Investment Management Corporation, Inc) Bonds OPS - The total amount was 1.500.000.000,00 (one billion and five hundred million escudos) for the financing of the BAI Center and Salinas Beach Resort Projects. The demand was higher than the offer.

3. Increased Capital for BCA (Banco Comercial do Atlântico, SA), was reserved for shareholders in the amount of 324.765.000,00 (three hundred and twenty four million, seven hundred and sixty-five thousand escudos). The demand, 745.611.000,00 (seven hundred and forty-five thousand, six hundred and eleven thousand escudos), was more than double the offer.

4. Tecnicil Indústria, SA. Bond OPS. The demand, 234.841.000,00 (two hundred and thirty- four million, eight hundred and forty-one thousand escudos), was almost double the available offer of 150.000.000,00 (one hundred and fifty million escudos).

5. Cape Verde Fast Ferry Bond OPS- The demand was slightly higher than the available offer in the amount of 1.500.000.000,00 (one billion, five hundred million escudos).

6. Increased Capital for Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde, (CECV) SA, was reserved for shareholders. The demand, 1.791.438.000,00 (one billion seven hundred and ninety-one million, four hundred and thirty-eight escudos), was almost double the offer of,00 (one billion, forty-four million escudos).

7. Public Subscription Bond Offer Release Tecnicil Imobilário, SA. The total amount of the offer is 1.102.650.000,00 (one billion, one hundred and two million, six hundred and fifty thousand escudos)

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