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Bridge: The ship is controlled from this location.
The ship is controlled from the state-of-the-art wheelhouse. During docking the captain has access to each side of the vessel in the bridge wings to port and starboard. 
Passenger Deck: Where people lounge in comfortable seats, move around the cabin or just enjoy the view during their crossing.
Main Vehicle Deck: Vehicles drive onto the ferry via this deck.

The Passenger Deck is where people can travel in comfortable seats, gather around the kiosk/bar to “talk story,” move around or just enjoy the view. All the way forward and on the right side is the elegantly furnished VIP Lounge. The passenger saloon has large windows for a splendid and panoramic viewing of the coast line, a kiosk/bar for drinks and food service with airline seating arrangements. There are several entertainment options including music, television and movies offering options for everyone depending on length of trip. The open aft deck offers a place to enjoy the view in the fresh ocean air and to wave the customary good bye to families and newly made friends on island of departure.

Cars and heavier vehicles can be parked on vehicle deck. Smaller vehicles are directed to the forward end of the ship where they turn around and are parked facing aft to allow quick off-loading at the destination. Large trucks that cannot turn around will back on so they can depart quickly when the ship docks.
How do I know which vehicle category to select?
Your vehicle category is based on the height and length of your vehicle. The height of your vehicle includes any roof-top luggage or other items (such as bicycles) attached to the roof of your vehicle. The length of your vehicle includes any boats or trailers your vehicle is towing. Please refer to transporting vehicle policy for more information.

Security Notice: All passengers, personal items, luggage and vehicle freight may be subject to search and inspection prior to boarding our vessels and/or anytime while on board the vessel under the Maritime Transportation Security Act. We ask that travelers plan accordingly for the possibility of these pre-boarding requirements. Passengers who refuse to submit to a search will be denied boarding.