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The initial deployment of the Cabo Verde Fast Ferry project consists of two brand new, high speed ferries built at 45.85 meters in length equipped with all the necessary security and amenities for passenger safety and comfort. The vessels KRIOLA (January 2011) and LIBERDADI (TBD 2011) are capable of carrying 65 tons of commercial cargo and 164 passengers. Equipped with A- rating twin diesel engines, both vessels can cruise between 18-22 knots per hour and complete a full journey of the southern and northern islands during sunlight hours.

These second generation ferries will be designed to fulfill the company’s pride in offering impeccable on-time service and a friendly staff ready to make guests feel at home. As travelers ride in air-conditioned comfort, they can enjoy other services and amenities such as snacks, beverages, and movies/music.

Larger and faster second generation ferries will help address the limitations on current transport links between the islands and will be the key to developing tourism outside of the large scale developments such as Sal and Boa Vista.

Brief overview of KRIOLA and LIBERDADI:

Superstructure: Aluminium
Length O.A.: 45.85 m
Beam O.A.: 12.30 m
Depth Moulded: 4.60 m
Functions: Fast Passenger and Cargo Ferry
Classification: Bureau Veritas; Sea Area

 3; Cat A; HSC Code 2000
Safety Flag: state rules Cape Verde

Speed: 18-22 knots per hour
Propulsion System
Main Engines: DFF4512 is powered by 2 heavy duty and unrestricted main engines utilizing fixed Pitch Propeller. These A-rating engines are chosen to satisfy intended schedule.

Cargo Capacity: 65 tons
Service Spaces: Kiosk/Bar
Safety: Fire boundary and sprinkler. DFF4512 is fitted with fire sprinkler system, both in the passenger saloon and on the car deck, further customized with fire resistance boundaries between passenger emergency routes and the car deck.

Auxiliary Equipment
Generator: Equipped with 2 generators that carries enough power to offer premium service of maintaining reefer containers plugged in and cold.

Passengers Saloon: 158
Crew: 5
Comfort: HVAC Air-conditioning with temperature control
VIP Room: 6 passengers with private toilet and large windows
Entertainment: 4 x 32” LCD TV + 1 x 20” LCD TV + DVD player
Vehicles: 26 Automobiles or 16 Vans and 3 Trucks

Exterior Styling
The standard hull lines of these Damen Fast Ferries were customized to meet Cabo Verde Fast Ferr's requirements of capacity, speed and comfort. The superstructure’s detailing level is highly customized and intricate. The modern sleek lines of the superstructure accentuate the performance of these high speed passenger/cargo ferries.

Communication Equipment
Level of Output: IMO HSC 2000 compliant, DFF4512 is fitted with the most up-to-date and advanced surveillance and navigation systems, including GPS, Radar, GyroCompass, ECDIS, Echo Sounder, Navtex, VDR and more.

Builder: Damen Shipyards Gorinchem -
Based in The Netherlands, Damen is one of the largest shipbuilding and repair organizations in the world. Established some 75 years ago, the company operates from over thirty yards around the world – building, servicing and trading a very wide range of steel and aluminum vessels for both commercial and governmental customers.