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Santo Antão is one of the most fantastic islands of the archipelago. Although this statement may be unfair to the rest of them, each of the islands has its own special charm, this one is, among the most thrilling to the visitor. With majestic mountains and deep and steep valleys, the topography of the island is breathtaking. The surface area of Santo Antão is 779Km2. It is the second largest island of the archipelago and is rather like a trapezoid in shape. It has a maximum length of 43Km.

Between TUMBA to the northeast and CAMARIVA to the southeast. Its widest point is 24 Km. from AREIAS (to the north) and CAIS DO FORTES (to the south). Along the middle of the island, a mountain range runs from northeast to southeast and ends at TOPE DA COROA (with an altitude of 1979 m), a relatively recent volcanic peak. Other peaks are PICO DA CRUZ (1814 m) to the northeast and GUIDO DO CAVALEIRO (1811 m) to the southeast.

The climate is dry in the south, cool in the central region (at an Altitude of 1000 m) and humid in the northeast region. Quite naturally, the vegetation varies dramatically between regions.

The high zones are covered with trees like the eucalyptus, the cypress, and the pine-tree. The south, in total contrast, is arid with herbaceous vegetation. There are still some signs of Santo Antão's volcanic past; the crater named COVA, for example, is very well preserved. Due to the effects of erosion, the streams are deep and the peaks are very sharp and steep.

The coastline is very picturesque. In the north, parts have been worn away by the northeast winds and the rough seas, there are, however, a number of excellent beaches, such as PRAIA FORMOSA, to name one.