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S. VICENTE is roughly rectangular with o surface area of 227 Km2. From east to west it measures 24 Km and from north to south no more than 16 Km. Although volcanic in origin, the island is quite flat. Its highest point is MONTE VERDE with an altitude of 774 m. Although a great amount of erosion has taken place, some craters still remain; in particular the bay of MINDELO.

Discovered on St. Vincent's Day (the 22nd of January), in 1462, the island remained practically uninhabited until the middle of the XIX century. It was only in 1838, when a coal deposit was established in PORTO GRANDE to supply ships on the Atlantic routes that the population started to grow.

S. Vicente is a cultural center that brings us to the city of Mindelo with its port tradition, the remarkably cheerful and open people, the community of musicians and artists, craftwork, intensive night life, Carnival and Festival.