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Cabo Verde Fast Ferry is preparing for the arrival of Liberdadi

CEO has a meeting with the Presidente da Camara Porto Novo, Amadeu J. da Cruz and the Presidente da Camara do Sal, Jorge Figueiredo.

CEO Sean D. Pond has been traveling to many of the northern islands in order to negotiate port space and to plan the daily route schedule for Liberdadi.  As is the case in the southern islands CVFF has created strong partnerships with many of the municipalities, Enapor, and Institute Maritimo Portuario (IMP).  These partnerships have proven to be very useful for the company to smoothly operate with speed, comfort, and dependability.

Liberdadi finished at DAMEN Shipyards Singapore

The exact date for the arrival of Liberdadi is not finalized.  Cape Verde Fast Ferry is negotiating with the ship builder DAMEN for modifications to the original design based on four months of operating experience with Kriola.  Such changes are bow thrusters, longer Ro/Ro ramp, larger water tank capacity, and additional seats in the passenger cabin.  When the details are complete CVFF will make the announcement to all its loyal customers.