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Cabo Verde Fast Ferry is the only ferry company operating with a fleet of new and state-of-the-art ferries offering a dependable year-round high-speed ferry services to and from Santiago, Fogo, and Brava. More islands coming soon.

Most luxurious; fast ferry and fully insured
first-class amenities; incredible ocean views; plush-cushioned interior airline-style seating; air conditioning; full-service bar with food.

Freedom to move around
The Ferry is built for speed and comfort and accommodates 164 passengers. Best of all, there is plenty of room to move about freely within the passenger saloon- for a memorable onboard experience. A cheerful décor enhances the mood and environment in which to enjoy your inter-island voyage.

Seating to suit your needs
Reserved seating assignments at 3 different fare levels. Choose relaxing and panoramic large window seats, or comfortable center seats. Our Premium VIP Lounge offers private entertainment, private bathroom and is state of the art with plush comfort and privacy.

Freedom to take your vehicle
When you travel with us, you can bring your car, eliminating the need to check-in your luggage. Travel with the confidence that your valued items are not lost or mishandled. Whether it’s an extended stay or a day trip, we can accommodate a variety of passenger and commercial vehicles. Passengers drive their vehicles on and off the ferry and remain onboard during the voyage. Vehicles disembark from the vessel immediately upon docking at the destination port.

Entertainment options for all ages

Food: The Restaurant/Bar features dishes created with the finest local ingredients. An assortment of chips, sandwiches, and drinks are a few of the items available. Guests can enjoy a selection of choices and entertainment on flat screen televisions featuring local music and miovies. The VIP Lounge offers extra spacious comfortable seating, as well as privacy.

Television: There are 4 wide-screen TVs for viewing movies and music.

It's so cool. Inside and out
Our catamaran-style vessel is well-suited for ocean conditions of Cape Verde to provide a smooth and stable ride. Built by Damen, one of the world’s largest builders of fast ferries, the vessels incorporate the most advanced marine technology and safety equipment and standards.

Our personnel are trained to assist Passengers with limited mobility and special needs at the port as well as on the vessel. There are outlets for power supply of medical equipment, and it’s OK to bring your own oxygen tanks on board.